kodan, the new dan

IMG_8941IMG_8935Our family has been trying lots of Japanese restaurants around the world and particularly in Vancouver. We have no real complaints. Some are even excellent. But, they are just not Dan. We miss Ken, Tomoko and their fabulous restaurant so much it hurts.

For everyone who shares our loss, you will be thrilled to know the Oda’s have just opened their new restaurant. KODAN. You may be a little less thrilled to learn it is in Osaka.

IMG_8937The family officially moved back to Japan in June, though Ken had been back and forth a lot before that hunting for the perfect location. I was glad to hear they miss Vancouver as much as we miss them. As I well know, moving has its challenges and it takes a while to get used to a new life. Tomoko says the heat and humidity have been particularly challenging.

IMG_8947The search for a new spot took longer than expected, but finally, last Tuesday, they opened the doors of their new place. Jack and Hunter already know which old favorites they are going to order. I am open to trying something new. Expedia has flights for about $1000 round trip… a bit pricy for dinner but you know the food will be worth it once you get there!

Kodan tenmabashi, 2-3-14 Kokumachi, Chuoku, Osaka, Japan; 06-6910-1169

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