langara island lodge

IMG_0508IMG_8653John and I have been truly spoiled by our friends this summer. Recently, we were guests of Patti and Ted Hirst at the fabulous Langara Island Lodge. John was a bit surprised when I accepted their generous invite… after all, it is a fishing lodge and I have never been keen on catching my own food. I realize the hypocrisy; no one tucks into a meal more enthusiastically.

But LIL, as it is called for short, is no ordinary fishing experience. Curiosity and a lust for luxury got the better of me! So I said “yes”. And kept on saying it….

IMG_0592To the mimosas on the plane (charter flight from yvr to Masset), a window seat on the helicopter (from Masset to the dock of the lodge), the bottomless bowls of candy (though I did resist some of the healthier snacks), the endless hot water, thick fluffy Restoration Hardware towels and, reluctantly at first, to the fishing. More about that in my next blog post!

raven cottage

raven cottage

LIL has room for 40 guests in three different “cabins” … the word does not do justice to the accommodation. Eagle, the largest and oldest sleep 22, Chinook sleeps 12 and Raven, which was built for 6 and is exclusively for private groups. This is where we stayed.

All the rooms have two double beds strategically places for maximum privacy. It seems historically fishing adventures have appealed to groups of guys doing their bonding thing. Though the times they are a changing…. Our weekend had 15 women guests. I think having toilets on the all the fishing boats has made it a lot more fun for us! The down pillows and feather stuffed duvets don’t hurt either.

IMG_0595There are 48 ground staff who take care of the guests in addition to the guides and the team who man the dock. There is nothing you want (we are well beyond need) that they have not already thought of. And tips are pooled so everyone works hard to make sure you have an extraordinary time!

Our bedrooms were assigned in advance and our luggage, which we had last seen in Vancouver, was waiting for us when we arrived. Each of our group thought they had the best room… quite an accomplishment!

IMG_8645Wet weather fishing gear is included (as is everything) and was being kept warm in our individual heated cubbies. While not flattering, they are warm with built in flotation in case you go overboard. I can’t even imagine how cold it would be. Ugh!

My biggest surprise though was the food. Yeah yeah, they say its good, but come on. It’s the middle of nowhere and it’s not even in the top 5 reasons most people come. I was expected “fine”. To my infinite delight…it was amazing! And not just club food amazing but fine restaurant, big city amazing!! I loved and ate every morsel.IMG_8637

Langara Island Lodge is not a slimming experience. When you are not fishing, you are eating and drinking. Actually, even when you are fishing, you are eating and drinking. But more about that later.

This was a true Bucket List experience! WOW!IMG_0217

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