gone fishing

IMG_0463 If John was surprised I wanted to go fishing, Hunter was downright stunned. He thought it was an awful idea. He reminded me that I hate killing anything. As kids the boys were told “you kill it you eat it”… and I meant it. Everything except mosquitos. I spent my youth bringing home stray dogs, half dead birds and rescuing bugs floating in the pool. He advised me not to go…. I would turn a wonderful adventure into a miserable experience for basically any human I came in contact with.IMG_8745

But isn’t it important to know where your food comes from; not just the supermarket? I would go, I would be cheerful and I would catch and release. Continue reading

gorgeous georgian bay


the sauna as seen from the water

IMG_8530Another weekend, another Ontario adventure! Friday morning, John and I headed to Georgian Bay…. an area of Lake Huron about 65 km north of Muskoka. There are some similarities… same awful traffic, same beautiful “cottages” which really should be called estates. But Georgian Bay is more remote with the majority of houses built on islands; boat access only. I loved how desolate it felt and how vast the horizon was.

I felt removed from civilization albeit in a totally luxurious way. Kim Bozak and Phil Deck, our hosts, have created the most wonderful oasis with drop-dead views from absolutely everywhere including a very cool sauna they had custom designed to fit just perfectly into the space. They also spoiled us with great food, wine and conversation. Continue reading

treasure gem!!

I saw Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the old Community Theater in Morristown when I was 9 years old. All I could think was someday that’s going to be me… not the girl turning into a giant blueberry, but a girl making chocolate. Seems dreams do come true.making chocolates Continue reading