gone fishing

IMG_0463 If John was surprised I wanted to go fishing, Hunter was downright stunned. He thought it was an awful idea. He reminded me that I hate killing anything. As kids the boys were told “you kill it you eat it”… and I meant it. Everything except mosquitos. I spent my youth bringing home stray dogs, half dead birds and rescuing bugs floating in the pool. He advised me not to go…. I would turn a wonderful adventure into a miserable experience for basically any human I came in contact with.IMG_8745

But isn’t it important to know where your food comes from; not just the supermarket? I would go, I would be cheerful and I would catch and release. Continue reading

langara island lodge

IMG_0508IMG_8653John and I have been truly spoiled by our friends this summer. Recently, we were guests of Patti and Ted Hirst at the fabulous Langara Island Lodge. John was a bit surprised when I accepted their generous invite… after all, it is a fishing lodge and I have never been keen on catching my own food. I realize the hypocrisy; no one tucks into a meal more enthusiastically. Continue reading

kodan, the new dan

IMG_8941IMG_8935Our family has been trying lots of Japanese restaurants around the world and particularly in Vancouver. We have no real complaints. Some are even excellent. But, they are just not Dan. We miss Ken, Tomoko and their fabulous restaurant so much it hurts.

For everyone who shares our loss, you will be thrilled to know the Oda’s have just opened their new restaurant. KODAN. You may be a little less thrilled to learn it is in Osaka. Continue reading